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Pregnant belly sex stories

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Guys (or couples) would love to chat with you about your wife and the fun things you. I'm hoping to meet someone who would in a mutually pampering relationship. Any ladies out there in the same situation. Stoires i want to feel your dick pulsate as it pumps my pregnant belly sex stories full of hgorgeous cum.

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At seventeen years old, she was hardly the embodiment of fertility. She was in her bedroom, lying naked on her bed while taking a good look at.

How was she going to provide for a baby with a body like this? If it wasn't for what was between her legs, she might as well be a boy, with her non-existent boobs and hips.

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When it came to guys, she usually got by thanks to her pretty looks beelly smooth brazilian porno stars - at least that's pregnant belly sex stories she got Alex, she assumed. Her face was truely beautiful and she had large blue eyes to complement her long flowing hair.

Heavily Overdue - Kalia's Story. Commission: Cadwallader Pretend Pregnant Belly 3Ginger let out a deep sigh and stepped onto the lip of. Pregnant Sex Stories: 20 Hot Pregnant Erotica Tales - Kindle edition by Lucia Minx. Dripping Pregnant Sex: A growing belly needs to be filled with someone. A pregnant woman falls for her younger brother. From sleep to sex, the adventure continues. and other exciting erotic at!.

She hadn't bothered with contraceptives, maybe because she never really believed that she could get pregnant with a body like. But the pregnancy test and her tiny little baby bump begged to differ. Alex was the first to be told and luckily, he sounded more stoties pregnant belly sex stories exited than surprised and scared.

They had both noticed the ting bulge one night, and decided to check to be safe, before finding out that she was pregnant. Now, as she lay on her bed, two weeks from that night, she placed both hands on her tummy to make contact with the contents. It had grown a surprising amount since they had found out, but she put it down to a growth spurt, and was glad that her baby was growing healthily. However, she still had worries that her body would not be able to give her baby all it needed, and she desperately wanted to breastfeed it.

The next day, she would get to see it for the first time, at her first check up, and both Kalia and Alex were looking forward pregnant belly sex stories it. As she lay down ladies want sex Hopwood Pennsylvania 15445 the inspection bed, pregnant belly sex stories pulled up her cute little sundress so that her belly and panties were showing for the nurse to scan.

Her baby should be at least six months in judging by her size, so she should be able to see its tiny feet and hands. However, when the nurse switched on the ultrasound, she seemed shocked.

After a moment she said "Well it seems that you are actually only around three months pregnant belly sex stories With triplets" the nurse says west Santa clarita women seeking men us, with a new, smiling face.

After excited remarks are exchanged, Kalia turns to the nurse with a more serious face. Look at me! I doubt I could carry just one! After a moment, pregnant belly sex stories nurse leaves the room, saying "I'll be back in a moment" and the young couple turn to each other. At first, worried, Alex begins to rub Kalia's belly, and she then rests her head on his shoulders.

Three babies inside her! She tries to picture herself feeding her babies, but struggles to picture her tiny breasts supporting three large babies everyday. Her worries are dulled a little by Alex's calming belly rub and his hand on her head. She pregnant belly sex stories protected and safe, feeling immensely grateful for Alex's presence in her life.

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Soon, the nurse returns with an older male doctor, who immediately shakes pregnant belly sex stories their hands before starting. You're possibly the first woman under 23 to spontaneously concieve triplets, and while that is an amazing feat, it has an equally pergnant set of difficulties.

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Withought meaning to pregnant belly sex stories offensive, I can tell that you have not nearly enough body fat pregnant belly sex stories breast tissue to fully support a set of triplets from womb to once they are born. Growing three extra bodies inside you will be your toughest challenge yet, both physically and mentally" he said to Kalia, who stared at him intently.

Except I've recommended a double dose as I suspect you'll need it" The doctor msog sex slang on for a while, explaining the risks of multiple pregnancies and the precautions they should take to ensure that she remains healthy.

Then, finally they received their ultrasound photos, and all the excitement came flooding back, just like pregnant belly sex stories. Returning to Kalia's home, her dad and sister were out, so they took advantage of being pregnant belly sex stories alone and stripped down so they were both in their undergarments, before lying down on Kalia's bed. Alex's hand met Kalia's belly, and she felt that wonderful tingling sensation as he rubbed her around in circles.

Nestled in her womb were their three babies, nice and healthy, and all Kalia wanted to do was make sure they had the best upbringing possible. There was also something that Kalia wanted in the short term.

They stared deeply into each others eyes, with Alex still circling Kalia's belly, until she takes his hand and places it on her pussy.

Pregnant Enhanser Chapter 1, a stoked fanfic | FanFiction

pregnant belly sex stories He could feel the dampness of her panties as it leaked juice onto them, and he wanted nothing more than to rip them off her and fuck her brains.

Suddenly she jumped up so that she was straddling him with belky knees either side of his body. With a seductive grin on her face, she pulled down his boxers enough to slip out his erect penis, before dragging the tip slowly across pregnant belly sex stories covered pussy.

After less than a minute of this, Alex had had enough, so he pushed her down onto the bed, swapping positions as he removed her panties with a swipe of the arm. Free advertising rochester ny course this was just what she wanted, and she began to stretch out her arms above her head, inhaling deeply in pleasure. After a moment, once Kalia was desperate for it inside her, he plunged it deep inside her vagina.

She was in extasy as he pumped in and pregnant belly sex stories, and before long, she climaxed before.

Pregnant belly sex stories

She began to beg him to release himself into her, to fill her up with his seed - she wanted more babies inside. He waited for as long pregnant belly sex stories possible before filling her up, and he certainly filled. As he removed his penis, her labia closed, dribbling his cum down her legs. She could feel how stuffed her entire reproductive system was now, and there was no better feeling - it was orgasmic.

Overland Park ca swingers school friends watched as her pregnant belly sex stories belly began to grow and grow, pregnanh her uniform, attracting many unwanted belly-rubbers. However soon, her body began to attract a different kind of audience.

She took her double-dose of drugs as instructed, and very soon, they began to see the results in Kalia's body. It was like finally pregnant belly sex stories through puberty, as she began to grow a pair of pregnant belly sex stories and some serious curves in her hips and ass. She was now six months into her pregnancy, and her belly was looking ripe and overdue, as she made her way to school. A small smile blely its sa naked woman onto her lips as she through about how her body had changed over the last three months.

It was fair to say that she was loving having a plump pair of D-cups on her chest, and in in her current get up, they were looking bigger than. She loved how her pregnant belly sex stories could be made out behind her top, and how her boobs were propped up on her growing belly.

Heavily Overdue - Kalia's Story by AWombFullOfBabies on DeviantArt

An "Oof" escaped her lips as one of the babies aimed a kick on her poor bladder. She moved her hand to the surface to try and sooth them, rubbing in circles around her belly. The spherical pregnant belly sex stories felt incredibly firm, women want sex tonight North Versailles she could feel how little room to spare pregnant belly sex stories.

The great belly looked quite peculiar on Kalia's slim frame, as it circled out from her little waist, not moving in to meet her belly button, but heading outwards before rounding off.

Hugging the bottom of her belly were her dark grey denim shorts, which showcased her incredibly round ass and amazing thighs. This was certainly a welcome change for her, and also for the less dignified guys at school who would give it an occasionall unsolicited slap, to show her their appreciation.

While she tried to look irritated, she secretly loved it, and the guys knew she did. Now she was certain that her body would pregnant belly sex stories able to give her babies what they need, and she knew that it was only going to get better.

Posted in FetishTagged belly, belly expansion, belly-sex-story, big-pregnant- belly-story-sex, Blake McKenzie, daughter-inflation-erotic. Dripping Pregnant Sex: A growing belly needs to be filled with someone - Kindle edition by Sadie Saren. Pregnant Sex Stories: 20 Hot Pregnant Erotica Tales. Pregnant Sex Stories: 20 Hot Pregnant Erotica Tales - Kindle edition by Lucia Minx. Dripping Pregnant Sex: A growing belly needs to be filled with someone.

Walking into class, she pregannt sure that she arched her back as much as possible to show off her ass, without it being too obvious. The guys in the class often showed their appreciation to Alex for getting her pregnant, and turning her into this wonderful piece of eyecandy, so he generally told them to fuck off sarcastically.

Over the course of the day, Kalia's pregnant belly sex stories would normally loose grip of her belly, and slowly ride up it until it was little more than a bra, but Kalia often got tired of adjusting it, so just embraced naughty wives want sex Oldham. She didn't usually like wearing low cut tops like this, pregnant belly sex stories in the weather, it was simply too hot to not ventilate her boobs properly, as sweaty boobs where not an option.

At lunch she had gelly take a trip to the bathroom, and noticed something that surprised. Surrounding the nipple boobles on her top, were small darkened splodges that looked like they could have been made by pregnant belly sex stories, and after a moment, she realised. She was lactating.

She made it to the doctors in one pregnant belly sex stories, luckily, and was delighted to see her three beautiful babies on the ultrasound machine. They're actually quite large" he continued. Christian wives forum think I'll give sec some Astatorine Hydrochloride.

We don't administer this drug much, but I think you're going to need it if your babies continue growing like.

It's hard to assess how much to give you as too little will have no effect and too much pregnant belly sex stories result in your babies never being born Here you go" he said, handing Kalia the prescription paper.

Sarah, like her sister, had proved prone to wex multiples, and had bore Noah and Jake just two weeks ago.

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women want nsa Hayden Colorado While Sarah was four years older than her sister, she too was unblessed in the body department, and had birthed her twin boys prematurely at 30 weeks.

Now they bellt out of the hospital, it was up to her to breastfeed them back up to big healthy babies. However, it looked like this was going to be a big challenge for Sarah's body, as her pregnancy had only bumped her boobs up to pregnant belly sex stories large B-cup.

As she pregnant belly sex stories in the lounge trying to feed Jake, Kalia arrived home, with her hand up her shirt trying to remove her bra. She pushed her boobs together, seeming distressed, before removing the top altogether to let them sit on her belly.

She sat down opposite Sarah and exhaled in a huff. After a moment, Sarah, who was breastfeeding Jake, carefully removed him from her pregnant belly sex stories. How was the appointment? Jake made some kind of gurgling noise from where he was lying, drawing both their attention. Cradling him lovingly in her sex serogate, he caught sight of one of her big juicy breasts, and saw his opportunity.

Dripping Pregnant Sex: A growing belly needs to be filled with someone - Kindle edition by Sadie Saren. Pregnant Sex Stories: 20 Hot Pregnant Erotica Tales. Score Story. -Score-, 5- Cassie and Cain embark on a belly growing adventure. She was amazed by the sweetness he had for her pregnant belly. .. To link to this sex story from your site - please use the following code. Ever since he heard his mate was pregnant with his child. His mate told him that she had a pregnant fetish Pregnant Sex Story.

As he latched on, Kalia squealed in surprise. Now he had latched onto her nipple, it felt amazing. I can feed him later?

Pregnant Sex Story by SelenaParthenopaeus on DeviantArt

Kalia latched pregnant belly sex stories hungry Noah onto her other breast, and lay back, letting them drink their fill while holding them on top of her belly.

Noah tapped his hand up and down on her belly excitedly, and his cousins kicked back at him in reply. It was almost relaxing. Sarah even had a little suckle at the end to try the taste — of course it was delicious. Thankfully, it was taking place over a month past her due date, so pregnant belly sex stories had a chance of getting her body back in shape.

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As time went by, her due date grew nearer, and it grew closer and closer to the end of school.